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Top reasons to choose a sailing holiday over hotel accommodation

Top reasons to choose a sailing holiday over hotel accommodation

When you choose to charter a yacht for your Greek holiday, you are not only choosing a mode of transportation or a place to sleep, but you are booking an unparalleled experience. Imagine waking up every morning in a different location with the stunning Greek Isles providing the perfect backdrop for your morning coffee. Book your yacht vacation today to enjoy the feeling of true freedom as you spend a week or two at sea away from your daily routine.

When you charter a private yacht, you’ll be able to be free and flexible, traveling to different locations every day, seeing far more than you would be able to see if you choose to stay on land. You’ll also be able to sail to various spots on the islands that are impossible to reach by other means, offering you an up-close look at each island’s less-traveled side and a chance to travel off the beaten path and come away with travel stories of hidden beaches and serene sunsets.

If you value privacy, then yachting is perfect for you. You and your family and friends will sail alone with the boat’s crew. You’ll be able to take full advantage of the yacht’s luxury facilities and 24/7 services without any interruption. Of course, an added benefit of this privacy is the health and safety that come with traveling with just a group of people you know. Visiting many different islands in one week can be quite burdensome as it involves booking several by ferry or plane trips. A sailing holiday eliminates logistics. No need to spend hours figuring out connections, as you can simply sail to any part of the island you wish to see and then transfer to land by dingy boat.

Most of your meals can be enjoyed in the privacy of your yacht, but you’re certainly free to get out and try local restaurants on land along the way. You’ll also be able to choose how much contact you’d like to have with the outside world. If an ideal vacation for you looks like unplugging and disconnecting from technology, then you can choose to completely disconnect for a week. However, WiFi is available on request for those travelers who wish to or need to stay in contact with home and work. These opportunities to curate the perfect, bespoke experience for your vacation are the true reasons that booking a private yacht is the best way to experience Greece.


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